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Ecco la classifica dei libri Su Andy Warhol (o simili) aggiornata a Aprile 2024. Clicca su un libro per leggere recensioni e approfondimenti.

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Warhol: 1 (clicca qui)
  • Dantini, Michele (Autore)
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Warhol (clicca qui)
  • Honnef, Klaus (Autore)
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No. 7
In the Fabulous Underground (clicca qui)
  • Amazon Prime Video (video su Richiesta)
  • Anton Perich, Andy Warhol, Taylor Mead (Attori)
  • Mauro John Capece (Direttore) - Betty L'Innocente (Scrittore)
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No. 10
Warhol (clicca qui)
  • TASCHEN BOOK: This Andy Warhol Taschen hardcover book written by Klaus Honnef introduces Warhol’s multifaceted, prolific oeuvre, which revolutionized distinctions between “high” and “low” art and integrated ideas of living, producing, and consuming that remain central questions of modern experience.
  • ANDY WARHOL: Andy Warhol is without a doubt the first name to come to mind when thinking about the Pop Art culture. His iconic work focused mainly on celebrity culture, artistic expression, and advertisement, which were all prominent in the 1960s. He utilized a variety of media including hand drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, silk screening, sculpture, film, and music.
  • MATERIAL: Hardcover | 96 Pages.
  • DIMENSIONS: 10.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″ inches Weight: 2 lbs
  • GIFT: This is a great book for all Andy Warhol and pop art lovers.
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Essere Andy Warhol (clicca qui)
  • Orlando, Francesca Romana (Autore)
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Andy Warhol (60) (clicca qui)
  • Sanchez Vegara, Maria Isabel (Autore)
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OGGI risparmi 0,60 EURNo. 18

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